Dina Steel Center Co. is a contracting division of Door Service Center , which was established 25 years back. Dina Steel Center Co was established by Engineer Mohamed Ali Al Mahmoud and Mr. Khalifa Abdulsalam, two ambitious entrepreneurs. Engineer Mohamed Al Mahmood is the Chairman of SIX companies dealing in various fields.


Eng. Mohammed Al Mahmood
Mr. Khalifa Abdulsalam
General Manager
Our Vision  
The inception of Dina Steel Center Co. was to augment the construction industry and industrial base as a whole in Kuwait . Commitment combined with far-sightedness and determination was the key to this strategy. The synergy of our Chairperson and the Managing Director was instrumental in developing the company to its current status of eminence. The future opens new horizons to explore and conquer and Dina Steel plans to make a name in local as well as international arena.
Our Mission  
Dina Steel Center Co. is committed to holistic development of GCC region as such and Kuwait in particular, with due respect given to humanity and natural environment. As we stand on the threshold of new millennium, we realize the steep challenges that lie ahead, but are resolved to keep up our commitment. We have defined a pragmatic role for Dina Steel in forging a dynamic environment for the future with impetus on quality.

Our Action

We make benchmarks in fabrication and erection of secure and stunning steel structures thus creating sanguine built up areas in Kuwait that will give a facelift to the landscape of this lovely country. God willing . . . . .