Dina Steel Center Co :   The mission was started with a vision of venturing into wider areas of fabrication and fix of Steel Doors. Dina Steel's expertise in construction and erection of steel structures, skylights and light metal works has earned itself a solid reputation in the construction industry for the past 20 years.
Structural Works Our design, detailing, fabrication and Installation of all types of steel structures, l ight metal and stainless steel give stress to quality. We have a robust track record in Kuwait for excellence in steel fabrication and erection.
Industrial Doors: We design, fabricate and Install all types of steel doors for industrial purposes including roller doors, grilles, sliding gates, blast doors and fire-rated doors all of the finest steel with matching accessories.
HardWare  Section : We deal in hardware and accessories related to door erection sourced from reputed European and American manufactures. They include various types of locks, handles, security accessories, door accessories and motor operators.
Service Center:  We devote the very best of our human resources and technology to create superior products and services. Our primary aim is customer satisfaction. We achieve it through our commitment and quality. This is one of the main reasons or our success.
Standard Doors:   Our products comply with ANSI and SDI standards. According to these specifications we provide standard doors , both fire rated non- fire rated, as well as acoustic and stainless steel varieties. We deal in all types wood doors as well.