Dina Steel Center Co has made a name for fabrication and fix of building materials , accessories and steel components. We have diversified with the intention of supplying the maximum possible materials and service to our Clients. Through our variety of erections for various projects in Kuwait , we have gained an unrivalled expertise in the construction of steel structures, skylights and light metal works. More recently we have diversified into stainless steel work as well.

DEALERS IN : Roller Shutter doors, Garage doors, Industrial overhead sectional doors, Pressure resistant and Gas Tight Doors, Blast Proof and Bullet Proof Doors, Stainless steel and Brass & Ornamental Components, Flagpoles, Dock Levelers, Barrier Arms, Toilet Cubicles, Door Hardware, and Roofing System - whatever be the architectural requirement, Dina has it all. Our ingenuity in this field is unmatched with two-decade-long service to hundreds of satisfied clients.

OUR AGENCIES: We are agents for a wide variety of manufacturers and enable our clints to choose for their project, from International Vendors of their choice